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Since the inception of Mohammadi News Agency (MNA) in 1996,  committed to the very basic principles of journalism with impartial, unbiased, independent, realistic and informative news based on facts only.
Though established initially with a view to operating as a regular news agency, MNA began to provide the local satellite television channels with news-based visual programs. The 100th episode of MNA’s own production “Business File” program on air in Channel-I television, the first digital satellite channel in Bangladesh. Eventually, the agency established itself as the first of its kind in the country giving a new concept to news agency service by providing the satellite channels with news-based programs. And this probably is the first of its kind in the region as well.

MNA also produced a whole lot of other programs for the other satellite channels in the country.
Mohammadi News Agency (MNA) is the sister concern of the Mohammadi Group of Companies (, which is one of the largest groups in the country’s business arena. Though it is a very common phenomenon for a news agency to enjoy subsidy from the mother organization, the MNA family considers it as a dark part of the establishment as they have to depend on the subsidy of Mohammadi Group of Companies.

With over a hundred employees all over the country, MNA management is running the organization very smoothly- thanks to the majority of young blood both in the management and the operations team. The head office in Dhaka remains jam-packed with a total of 73 working staff including the management team always on their toes in three shifts. The others are scattered all around the country. The agency has contributing staff across the border as well. They cover the US, the UK, most parts of Europe and the Middle East.


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